Forwarding House - Marine Agency   


  Our Services:


  Columbia s.r.l., as a marine agency, since the shipping berthing provides to all the requested

  documents to be filled in and takes care of the ship's crew, either integrating it or replacing it

  if necessary. This service protects the ship owners and assuring them the ship efficiency during

  the permanence in port.


  As a forwarding firm, Columbia carries out and takes care of the compilation of all the

  documents which are necessary for the transportation of goods, it also carries out every custom

  operation so that the shipping can arrive at destination within estimated time.


  As a harbour operator, it provides both the handling and the stowaging of everytype of good

  assuring either the freight of whichever types of boat, or the transportation of complicated

  products. It also takes care of all the customs operations concerning cargos. Recently, with the

  new linking of Chioggia port to the railway station, Columbia s.r.l. has been able of transporting

  all goods also by train.

30015 Chioggia (VE) - Isola Saloni, 43 Tel. 041.405022 - 405420 - Telex 410145 - Fax 041.405276 E-mail